President Joe Biden's reelection campaign made its debut on TikTok, aiming to connect with young voters through the controversial platform.

In the inaugural post on the @BidenHQ account, captioned "lol hey guys," the focus was on the Super Bowl. Biden responded to "this or that" questions about the game, poking fun at the conspiracy theory that he rigged the outcome.

Despite initial reluctance to join TikTok due to concerns about its Chinese parent company, ByteDance, the campaign believes it's essential to utilize all available platforms to spread its message.

TikTok's popularity among Gen Z, as the third most used app according to Later, presents an opportunity for the campaign to engage with a demographic known for its progressive views and active participation in social movements.

By adopting a "Dark Brandon" meme aesthetic, inspired by Biden's internet alter-ego, the campaign aims to tap into meme culture and leverage Biden's memeability to connect with younger audiences.

Memes play a significant role in internet culture, offering a unique and engaging way to reach Gen Z and Millennials, making platforms like TikTok crucial for political campaigns looking to connect with younger voters. Photo by Solen Feyissa, Wikimedia commons.