The Democratic-led U.S. Senate found itself in the throes of passing a crucial $1.2 trillion government funding bill on Friday, following its approval in the House of Representatives, which


In February, prices paid by US producers saw the most significant increase in six months, driven by rising fuel and food costs, adding to the evidence that inflation remains a pressing concern.


The Biden administration announced on Wednesday its decision to forgive $1.2 billion in student debt for close to 153,000 borrowers who are part of its newly

The US Senate has approved a $95 billion aid package aimed at providing assistance to Ukraine, Israel, Taiwan, and Indo-Pacific allies. Despite facing criticism from


The US job market continues to outperform expectations, with a robust increase of 353,000 jobs in January, confounding predictions of an economic slowdown. Average hourly pay also


In a significant decision, a judge in Delaware has nullified the $55.8 billion pay deal granted to Elon Musk by electric car company Tesla in 2018. The legal action was initiated by a shareholder


The United States witnessed its lowest home sales in almost three decades, with only 4.09 million homes sold in 2023, marking the lowest figure since 1995. The National Association


On Friday, shares in the United States surged to new heights, propelled by the strength of tech stocks and growing optimism about the economy. The S&P 500 index, which monitors the

The U.S. economy received a strong start to 2024 as retail sales surpassed expectations in December, driven by increased motor vehicle and online purchases. The Commerce Department's

In a significant shift, US prices took a downward turn in November, marking the first decline in over three and a half years. This decline further lowered the annual inflation rate to below 3%,