Millions of Americans have swarmed into airports and hit the highways on Wednesday as Thanksgiving Day approaches, marking the busiest travel day since the pandemic virtually halted the


The curtain has fallen on the Sag-Aftra film and television actors' strike in Hollywood after four months, with a tentative deal offering actors increased minimum-pay, a streaming bonus, and

In a recent appearance on Kelly Ripa's "Let’s Talk Off Camera" podcast, actress Sharon Stone revealed an unsettling encounter with a former Sony executive in the 1980s, accusing him of



Kourtney Kardashian Barker, aged 44, and her husband Travis Barker, aged 47, celebrated the arrival of their first child together, a baby boy named Rocky Thirteen Barker. This joyous news was

Jeff Bezos, the billionaire entrepreneur and Amazon founder, has decided to make Miami his new home. Bezos, who currently ranks as the world's third-richest person according to the


Disney has announced its plan to acquire Comcast's one-third stake in Hulu for an anticipated $8.61 billion, consolidating the streaming service entirely under Disney's ownership upon


The American Ornithological Society announced plans to replace human names with imaginative, descriptive names for dozens of bird species in the United States and Canada. This initiative

Arnold Schwarzenegger opened up about a former feud with his fellow action star Sylvester Stallone during an appearance on the "Graham Norton Show." The septuagenarian former California


The Beatles' Final Song, 'Now and Then,' Released Over 40 Years Later The Beatles' extensive musical journey is culminating with the unveiling of what is being described as the last Beatles


A 41-year-old woman from Michigan has emerged as the first grand prize winner in the state's Halloween-themed instant game, Ghostbusters, taking home an impressive $500,000.