Powerful atmospheric rivers are poised to strike the Northwestern United States, ushering in heavy rain, substantial snowfall, and robust winds.


The Northeastern US recently faced significant lake-effect snow, causing chaos on roads and prompting school closures. Constableville, New York, was particularly hard hit, accumulating


Governor Phil Murphy announced on Friday that police in New Jersey are currently investigating a bomb threat at the American Dream Mall, leading to the evacuation of all shoppers.

A harrowing incident unfolded at a U.S.-Canada border crossing near Niagara Falls, as a speeding vehicle erupted in a powerful explosion, claiming the lives of two individuals.


The Philippines has imposed a lifelong ban on Anthony Laurence, an American traveler, for purportedly using "profane words" on an electronic immigration form and displaying discourteous

In a recent development, Massachusetts has officially reached its capacity for families seeking refuge in emergency shelters. The state's emergency assistance website dashboard now indicates

A growing number of migrants, mostly from Central and South America, is journeying on foot from southern Mexico toward the United States. The migrant caravan, now estimated at around


In a shocking turn of events, Ina Thea Kenoyer, 47, has been arrested and charged with the murder of her boyfriend, Steven Riley Jr, 51, after he inherited a substantial $30 million and

With just a few hours remaining before her prize would have expired, a New York woman made her way to the lottery headquarters last week to collect her $1 million Powerball jackpot.


In response to recent sexual assault incidents at Boston University, campus authorities have taken swift action to ensure student safety. An individual has been arrested in connection with these