Robinson "Rob" Walker, a close friend of Hunter Biden, testified before House lawmakers, shedding light on the role of the Biden family name in securing a lucrative

Chinese energy deal. Walker's testimony, part of the ongoing congressional inquiry, revealed how the Biden name was instrumental in initiating the deal with CEFC China Energy, which began in late 2015 and continued until late 2017.

Walker explained that Hunter Biden's prominent last name served as a significant advantage in negotiations, as it likely helped gain access to potential business partners. He recounted how the deal with CEFC China Energy commenced while Joe Biden was still serving as vice president. However, payments to the Biden family only began flowing after Joe Biden left office in 2017.

During his deposition with the House Oversight and Judiciary Committee, Walker detailed his relationship with Hunter Biden, dating back to their time working together in the Clinton administration in the 1990s. He shared instances where he raised concerns about Hunter Biden's suspected drug use and recounted a falling out over an unpaid personal loan.

While Walker clarified that Joe Biden did not directly engage in the day-to-day operations of his son's business ventures, he acknowledged the significance of the Biden name in securing deals, both domestically and internationally.

Walker's testimony highlighted a pivotal meeting in early 2017, shortly after Joe Biden's vice presidency ended. At this meeting in Washington, Joe Biden met with senior officials from CEFC China Energy, including Chairman Ye Jianming. Although Joe Biden's presence was brief, Walker confirmed that he addressed the group before departing.

Following this meeting, CEFC made a significant payment of $3 million to Walker's company, Robinson Walker LLC, marking the first substantial financial transaction related to the deal. Walker revealed that Hunter Biden directed a portion of this payment, approximately $1 million, to various family members, including his uncle James Biden and his then-girlfriend Hallie Biden.

Moreover, Walker disclosed that the Biden family name played a crucial role in negotiations, as evidenced by a letter drafted in Hunter Biden's name to a senior CEFC official. The letter, written on Hunter Biden's stationery, emphasized the Biden family's commitment to collaborating on projects with CEFC.

Walker defended the decision to use Hunter Biden's name in the letter, citing it as a customary business practice to establish credibility when dealing with international partners.

Overall, Walker's testimony provided insight into the complex dynamics of the Biden family's business dealings and underscored the influence of the Biden name in securing lucrative opportunities. Photo by Center for Strategic & International Studies, Wikimedia commons.