During the month of March, the City of Boston celebrates and honors the achievements and contributions of Irish-Americans.

When Irish immigrants first arrived in Boston during the Great Famine (An Gorta Mor) in the 1840s, they were not welcomed and faced many struggles, including poverty, prejudice and discrimination in jobs and housing. In spite of the hardship and challenges, they worked hard at often unsafe, dangerous and low paying jobs.

As the Irish population expanded and new generations were born, Irish Americans entered into the workforce and helped build the social, economic and industrial engine of America. Today, Irish Americans contribute to our city and country in business, government, politics, religion, the U.S. military, building trades, and organized labor. They also contribute immensely to our arts and culture, as well as sports. Many of America’s Nobel and Pulitzer prize-winning poets and authors, award-winning musicians, actors, artists and athletes are Irish Americans.

The Council adopted a resolution recognizing Irish-American Heritage Month, paying tribute to the wonderful contributions of the Irish American community. In recognition of Irish-American Heritage Month, the Council ordered the Property Management Department to raise the Irish flag on March 17th, 2023. Photo by SteuveFE, Wikimedia commons.