The former aide who played a role in orchestrating the deal for Donald Trump's inaugural Scottish golf resort asserts that Scotland was misled by the former president's assertion that it would

be a £1 billion endeavor.

Neil Hobday, who served as the project director for Mr. Trump's contentious course in Aberdeenshire, which debuted in 2012, expressed disillusionment with the outcome. Despite Mr. Trump's pledge to invest £1 billion in the project, this ambitious promise never materialized.

While Trump International Scotland maintains that it injected "hundreds of millions of pounds" into the economy and delivered on its commitment to construct a world-class golf course, Hobday harbors a different sentiment. In an interview with BBC News, he admitted feeling "hoodwinked and ashamed" by the unfulfilled promises made by Mr. Trump.

Hobday suggested that Mr. Trump's primary focus was on establishing the golf course rather than following through with the purported billion-pound development plan. He lamented falling for the narrative and expressed regret on behalf of Scotland for being swayed by it.

The golf course on the Menie Estate, situated north of Aberdeen, was initially touted as a transformative project that would elevate Scotland's golfing landscape. However, residents, environmentalists, and local authorities raised concerns about its impact on the environment and the community.

Despite the controversies and setbacks, Trump International Scotland continues to defend its contributions to the Scottish economy and the global acclaim garnered by its golf courses. The organization asserts its steadfast commitment to its projects, citing challenges such as the 2008 financial crisis and the Covid-19 pandemic as factors that impeded progress. Photo by Sagaciousphil, Wikimedia commons.