The president of the University of Pennsylvania, Elizabeth Magill, has resigned following a contentious backlash sparked by her remarks on campus antisemitism during a Congressional hearing.

The controversy stemmed from her refusal to explicitly address the consequences for students advocating for the genocide of Jews.

Magill, along with counterparts from Harvard and MIT, faced criticism for their responses during a House of Representatives committee session, where they hesitated to outright condemn calls for the genocide of Jews, citing the importance of context.

The hearing occurred against a backdrop of heightened tensions on campuses following the Israel-Gaza conflict and a surge in antisemitic incidents. Magill later issued an apology for her testimony but faced continued pressure to step down, including criticism from the White House and the withdrawal of a substantial donation to the university.

Two Jewish students at UPenn subsequently filed a lawsuit, alleging a breeding ground for severe anti-Jewish sentiments, leading to Magill's resignation. She will step down as president but retain a faculty position at Penn Carey Law.

In her official statement post-resignation, Magill expressed gratitude for her tenure and collaboration with various university stakeholders in advancing UPenn's core missions. UPenn, part of the prestigious Ivy League, stands as one of the oldest and most esteemed institutions in the United States. Photo by Bryan Y.W. Shin, Wikimedia commons.