Hunter Biden, the son of US President Joe Biden, was a habitual crack cocaine user when he illegally purchased a gun in 2018, his criminal trial has revealed.


The Biden administration has quietly dismissed over 350,000 asylum applications from immigrants since 2022, according to a report by Syracuse University's

Mexicans are voting in an election expected to result in the country's first female president. The leading candidates, Claudia Sheinbaum and Xóchitl Gálvez, are


In a rare diplomatic encounter, the defense chiefs of the United States and China engaged in discussions in Singapore on Friday, addressing a spectrum of contentious issues spanning from

In Racine, Wisconsin, 57-year-old Andrea Dyess became a passionate supporter of President Joe Biden after a chance encounter with him in May. Accompanied by her grandchildren,

US Republican presidential candidate Donald Trump announced at a recent private fundraiser with Jewish donors that he plans to deport anti-Israel protesters if he wins the November election.

Donald Trump encountered a divided audience during his speech at the Libertarian Party's national convention on Saturday, where he sought support from its members.


New Jersey Senator Robert Menendez is on trial for allegedly accepting bribes, including gold bars and a Mercedes-Benz, to assist foreign governments. The 70-year-old senator is accused of


Joe Biden's campaign is gearing up for a major fundraising extravaganza in Los Angeles this June, tapping into the star power of former President Barack Obama and Hollywood icons


A US Army sergeant stationed in South Korea has been apprehended in Russia, as reported by the US military. The charges, according to the Russian Ministry of Foreign Affairs, do not involve