Nikki Haley, a contender for the Republican presidential nomination, secured a significant victory by winning the Washington, DC, Republican primary. This win, her first in the nominating


As Donald Trump surges closer to securing his third presidential nomination, anti-Trump Republicans find themselves grappling with a stark reality: the GOP is unlikely


Charles McGonigal, a former top FBI counterintelligence official, was sentenced on Friday to 28 months in prison for concealing at least $225,000 he received from an


In a close decision, the House of Representatives has voted to impeach Homeland Security Secretary Alejandro Mayorkas, marking the first impeachment of a cabinet


Robinson "Rob" Walker, a close friend of Hunter Biden, testified before House lawmakers, shedding light on the role of the Biden family name in securing a lucrative


President Joe Biden's reelection campaign made its debut on TikTok, aiming to connect with young voters through the controversial platform.


In a recent statement, NATO Secretary-General Jens Stoltenberg expressed grave concern over former President Donald Trump's remarks suggesting that the


In a unanimous decision, a federal appeals panel ruled on Tuesday that former President Donald Trump can indeed be prosecuted for his alleged attempts to overturn


Joe Biden has won the South Carolina Democratic primary with an overwhelming victory, securing all 55 pledged delegates. With little competition within his party, Biden pledged to defeat


At Tower 22, the recent deadly drone strike marked the third attack in six months on the U.S. military base situated on the Jordan-Syria border, revealing a concerning gap in defense strategies