Donald Trump has stirred controversy by criticizing Milwaukee ahead of the upcoming RNC convention in July. Despite the city being slated to host the event where

Trump is expected to be named the GOP's 2024 nominee, he reportedly referred to Milwaukee as a "horrible city" during discussions with Republican leaders in Washington, DC.

This remark comes as Milwaukee prepares for its role in the Republican National Convention on July 15, just after Trump's sentencing in a hush money case. Social media reactions to Trump's comments varied widely, with some users criticizing his stance, while others supported his viewpoint on the city.

The Democratic National Committee, gearing up for its own convention in Chicago, responded to Trump's criticism by defending Milwaukee and accusing Trump and the RNC of neglecting campaign efforts in Wisconsin.

Despite the controversy, some individuals echoed Trump's sentiments about Milwaukee, expressing opinions about the city's ambiance and characteristics compared to other places like Chicago and Madison.

In summary, Trump's critique of Milwaukee has sparked a mix of reactions as preparations continue for the RNC convention amid the ongoing political landscape. Photo by Bfkenney, Wikimedia commons.