Concerned about President Joe Biden's struggling reelection campaign, Congressional Democrats are strategizing their next steps as they return to Washington.

They are divided on whether to urge Biden, 81, to withdraw from the race, a call already supported by some House Democrats following his shaky debate performance against Donald Trump on June 27. Despite Biden's insistence on continuing, citing his ability to defeat Trump, concerns persist within the party regarding his age and effectiveness.

With Senate control also at risk for Democrats, particularly in Republican-leaning states, regaining a House majority is seen as crucial for maintaining influence in Washington. Vice President Kamala Harris is viewed as a potential successor should Biden choose to step aside, a scenario that some lawmakers are openly contemplating.

Democratic Representative Adam Schiff highlighted the dilemma facing Biden, stressing its impact on both the presidency and the future of Congress. Meanwhile, there are growing calls among Democrats for Harris to invoke the 25th Amendment if necessary, reminiscent of previous political maneuvers under the Trump administration.

Recent polling suggests Biden's candidacy could jeopardize Democratic prospects in competitive House races, with states like New Mexico and Virginia becoming tighter battlegrounds following recent developments. Despite Republicans' narrow majority in the House, the upcoming election remains uncertain, hinging significantly on the presidential race's outcome.

In this volatile political landscape, Democrats face an uphill battle to secure legislative leverage, especially if they fail to retain the presidency. The uncertainty underscores the high stakes of Biden's electoral viability and its broader implications for American governance. Photo by Adam Schultz, Wikimedia commons.