The Ukrainian Cultural Center of New England will mark the first anniversary of the Russian invasion of Ukraine with a series of events on Sunday afternoon, highlighting the ongoing struggle

for freedom and the devastating impact of the war on the country and its people.

The events will kick off with a Stand with Ukraine Rally at Copley Square in Boston at 2 p.m. This will be followed by an exhibit at 3 p.m. featuring photographs that chronicle the ongoing conflict, capturing the stories of those affected by the war and the destruction it has wrought.

At 5 p.m., a joint prayer for Ukraine will be held at Trinity Church Boston, with representatives from different denominations and religious communities in the city coming together to offer their support and solidarity during this difficult time. The Holy Eucharist with Litany for Ukraine During a Time of War will provide an opportunity for people to come together and pray for an end to the violence, and for peace and stability to be restored to Ukraine.

The events organized by the Ukrainian Cultural Center of New England serve as a reminder of the ongoing struggle for freedom and the human toll of the war in Ukraine. While estimates of casualties, refugees, and economic damage are staggering, they do not fully capture the scope of the tragedy that has unfolded over the past year. Through these events, the Ukrainian community in New England hopes to raise awareness about the ongoing crisis, and to call for greater support for Ukraine as it seeks to rebuild and move forward in the face of adversity. Photo by Shamil Khakirov from Ukraine, Wikimedia commons.