A former Missouri teacher, who left her high school teaching position after her side gig on OnlyFans was exposed, has disclosed that she has earned nearly $1 million from the platform.

Brianna Coppage, a 28-year-old, shared with Fox News that she has generated close to $1 million by selling adult content on OnlyFans. In October, she made the decision to resign from her teaching role at St. Clair High School in Franklin County, located about 55 miles southwest of St. Louis.

Coppage informed Fox News that since she created her OnlyFans account during the summer, she has risen to become one of the platform's top creators and has amassed nearly $1 million in earnings.

"I will also say that I have tens of thousands of fans now," she informed Fox News. "And I have, you know, far exceeded my teacher salary for the year."

Coppage's decision to join OnlyFans stemmed from her need to supplement her low teaching income and address her student loans. According to Fox News, her annual teaching salary from the school district was $42,000.

In September, the school district placed Coppage on leave after becoming aware that an employee had possibly shared inappropriate content on one or more internet platforms, as stated by Saint Clair R-XIII School District Superintendent Kyle Kruse at the time.

Coppage chose to resign after her OnlyFans profile link appeared on a St. Clair Facebook group, contending that the district's rules did not explicitly prohibit her from participating on the platform.

“Our handbook policies are very vague and simply state something about representing oneself well," Coppage stated. "Did I violate that? I feel like that’s a matter of opinion.” Photo by OnlyFans, Wikimedia commons.