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The iPhone X is being beaten by a 4-year-old iPhone design

In the leadup to the iPhone X reveal last year, analysts were visibly salivating at the prospect of an iPhone upgrade "supercycle," a tidal wave of profitability that would sweep Apple stocks to never-before-seen heights and truly enthrone Apple as the king of all smartphone makers. That first part -- the iPhone X leading an upgrade supercycle -- never quite happened, but not necessarily for the … [Read more...]

A VR film forced me to confront my fear of the sea

The first time I realized I was terrified of whales, I was surprised. I had been scrolling through Instagram and saw a picture of a boat adrift in the ocean with the gigantic shadow of a whale below it. The hairs on the back of my neck stood, and I w... … [Read more...]

Apple’s iPhone X successors will have a big advantage over 2018 Android phones

With April almost over we have almost five months of waiting for Apple to unveil this year’s iPhone generation. We’re looking at three distinct iPhone X successors, according to various reports, including an LCD version that may cost as little as $550, and two OLED-based devices. The new iPhones will be the smartphones to beat — and imitate — for Android rivals, but a new report says there might … [Read more...]

The first major ‘PUBG’ tournament takes place in Berlin this summer

Player Unknown Battlegrounds, aka PUBG, has been pushing its way to the eSports realm for quite some time now. While it has moved beyond the straight-up battle royale genre it popularized with new gameplay like War Mode, it's the behind the scenes te... … [Read more...]

CBS All Access and its exclusive shows are now available in Canada

CBS' subscription on-demand streaming service is now available in Canada. It's the first launch of CBS All Access outside of the US and it will give Canadian residents access to new episodes of current shows seven days after they air, past seasons of... … [Read more...]

Add gigabit Ethernet to your home in 2 minutes for just $40

Home Wi-Fi has come a very long way in recent years, especially thanks to mesh wireless systems. As good as these systems are, however, they’ll never be on par with good old-fashioned wired internet. Everyone wants Ethernet ports in their home to connect their computers, video game consoles, and other devices to the internet at the fastest possible speeds, but most people don’t want to … [Read more...]