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Students solve a 60-year-old space radiation mystery

Earth's Van Allen Belts are an area of energetic particles that surround our planet and are held in place thanks to Earth's magnetic field. These radiation belts trap charged particles, protecting us from the effects of some of space's most harmful r... … [Read more...]

Electric eels might be the key to powering implantable devices

Science has been inspired by eels for aquatic exploration before, sure, and now researchers are eyeing electric eels for motivation. The idea is to create a flexible self-powering device that could keep the juice flowing through a pacemaker or an int... … [Read more...]

Every popular Fitbit is discounted on Amazon, including the new Fitbit Ionic smartwatch

Looking for the perfect holiday gift for the people who might be left on your list? Well Amazon just kicked off a huge sale on Fitbit trackers including every single popular device the company makes. Including different sizes and colors, there are 40 different Fitbit devices on sale right now on Amazon. That's correct, forty! You'll find discounts of up to $50 on popular Fitbit wearables like the … [Read more...]

Man-sized ancient penguins once ruled the coast of New Zealand

Today's penguins might be cute, charming little flightless birds that draw your eye at your local zoo, but things were a whole lot different some 59 million years ago. Researchers working in New Zealand revealed today the discovery of an absolutely massive ancient penguin that would have given an adult human a real fright if the two were ever to have crossed paths. The long-dead creature has been … [Read more...]

Amazon Echo now streams Spotify and SiriusXM to multiple rooms

Amazon brought multiroom audio support to its Echo speakers a few months ago, but let's face it: unless you're a big fan of Amazon Music Unlimited, it hasn't been very useful for on-demand streaming. That changes today. As promised, Amazon has added... … [Read more...]

Tozo’s newest iPhone X case only costs $10

Want a cheap iPhone X case that’s anything but "cheap"? The Tozo Crystal Clear Soft TPU Gel Skin for iPhone X is exactly what the doctor ordered. Tozo is known far and wide for its ultra-thin iPhone cases, but this is a new model the company released just for the iPhone X. The back is crystal clear and it offers great grip, and then the sides are either black or chrome-look to match the … [Read more...]