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The Galaxy S9 might not copy the iPhone X’s best feature after all

A year of rumors saying the best 2017 iPhone would come with a fingerprint sensor under the display may end up being good news for Samsung fans. The Galaxy S8 should have had a fingerprint sensor under the screen, some rumors said, but the technology wasn’t ready for primetime. More recent rumors claimed that the Galaxy Note 9 might be the first phone to make use of the technology. The iPhone X’s … [Read more...]

Philip K. Dick’s ‘Electric Dreams’ hits Amazon on January 12th

Last month, we saw the trailer for Electric Dreams, an anthology series based on Philip K. Dick's sci-fi short stories, that will be available exclusively in the US on Amazon Prime. Now, we finally have a release date for the series. All ten episodes... … [Read more...]

This is one of Black Friday 2017’s best TV deals, and it’s already available now

There are sooooo many killer TV deals available this week. After all, Black Friday is the best time of year to buy a TV. What you might not know, however, is that you don't need to wait for Thanksgiving Day or Black Friday to get the best TV deals of the season. Case in point: The Hisense H9D Plus-Series 55"-Class HDR UHD Smart ULED TV which is one of the best TVs we've tested at the high end of … [Read more...]

You can now hail Uber rides for friends who don’t have accounts

If you use Uber often enough, you've probably had those moments where you wanted to hail a ride for someone else, such as a friend heading home from the bar. It isn't always easy to arrange a guest trip, however, which is why Uber has just introduced... … [Read more...]

Scientists warn of huge earthquakes in 2018 due to Earth’s slowing rotation

High-budget Hollywood disaster flicks love to make up weird natural phenomena to vaguely explain why a bunch of crazy catastrophes are about to threaten the very existence of mankind, but they're almost always complete bunk. Now, a new study featuring actual science suggests that 2018 could see a spike in huge earthquakes around the globe, and it's thanks to the Earth's rotation slowing down. The … [Read more...]

UK parliamentary groups demand more rights for gig economy workers

Two parliamentary groups have called on the UK government to introduce a new law that would extend the rights of Uber, Deliveroo and other "gig economy" workers. A year ago, two Uber drivers won an employment tribunal case that classified them as "wo... … [Read more...]