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How Secretary of State nominee Mike Pompeo blew it at the Senate Foreign Relations Committee

The Senate Foreign Relations Committee is expected to vote against the nomination of Mike Pompeo for Secretary of State on Monday — which would be the first such vote for a secretary of state nominee. CIA Director Pompeo, who would replace Rex Tillerson (who was fired in March), has thus far not received the support of a single Democrat on the SFRC (nor Kentucky Republican Rand … [Read more...]

Iran nuclear deal and trade top French president’s White House visit

French President Emmanuel Macron has a tough mandate in his visit with President Donald Trump on Monday: He aims to talk Trump into sticking with the Iran nuclear deal and into reversing plans to impose steel and aluminum tariffs on European trade partners. Macron’s visit will include a state dinner — the first one hosted by President Trump since he took office in January 2017. But … [Read more...]

The trillion-dollar coastal property bubble is ready to burst, per new study

The trillion-dollar coastal property bubble is ready to burst as global warming-driven sea level rise and storm surges threaten more and more property with flooding. We are now seeing “a pricing signal from climate change” in the relatively depressed prices for the coastal property most at risk for flooding, as Harvard real-estate professor Jesse Keenan told the Wall Street Journal … [Read more...]

Republican lawmakers threaten to jail Colorado teachers if they strike

Colorado teachers are preparing to stage walkouts in favor of higher wages and more education funding later this week, but Republican legislation in the state Senate could penalize them for striking — with far-reaching punishments that include fines and jail time. The measure, SB18-264, would prohibit public school teachers and unions from participating in or organizing a strike. If a strike … [Read more...]

Democrats probe scope of Koch influence on Trump climate policy

Senate Democrats are probing the Koch brothers’ influence on a number of Trump administration policies at agencies including the Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) and the Department of the Interior. The move comes after a report circulated to members of a seminar last year linked to the conservative billionaire Koch family appeared to take credit for a number of policy decisions, … [Read more...]

Trump’s big idea for health insurance excludes maternity care and barely covers addiction treatment

The Trump administration’s “affordable alternative” to the Affordable Care Act (ACA) is short-term health plans, but a new Kaiser Family Foundation (KFF) study published on Monday shows just how bare-bones this coverage actually is. A KFF review of short-term health health plans offered on two large private insurance websites, eHealth and Agile Health Insurance, in 45 states and … [Read more...]