April 25, 2019

New Zealand and France call out Facebook, Twitter and Google

Tech CEOs have been invited to a summit of world leaders in Paris next month to agree on ways of preventing terrorists from using their platforms.
April 24, 2019

Man City inch closer to back-to-back titles

Manchester City cleared a major hurdle in the quest to win back-to-back English Premier League titles for the first time in its history with a battling 2-0 victory at the home of crosstown rival Manchester United on Wednesday.
April 24, 2019

TikTok is back in India

TikTok, the Chinese social media platform pulled from app stores in India over claims it made children vulnerable to pornographic and other inappropriate content, will be available for download again after winning a court fight.
April 24, 2019

Two bombers were sons of Sri Lanka spice tycoon, sources say

Two of the suicide bombers involved in the Easter Sunday attacks in Sri Lanka were members of a prominent and wealthy family in Colombo, sources have told CNN, in a development that has rocked the small Muslim community in the city.
April 24, 2019

51 people killed in South Africa floods

Fifty-one people have died in floods that ravaged parts of the coastal province of KwaZulu-Natal in South Africa's southeast, local authorities said.
April 24, 2019

Sri Lanka attacks: Father tormented after losing two children

Matt Linsey's face is peppered with minute scars from the shrapnel and debris that hit him, as he recalls the split-second decision he and his two children made to run, rather than hide, just after the first of two bombs went off.
April 24, 2019

Rod Stewart pays tribute to first Briton to lift European Cup

Billy McNeill, the first Briton to lift the European Cup when Celtic won the competition with a team of homegrown players in 1967, has died at the age of 79.
April 24, 2019

Duterte threatens ‘war’ against Canada over trash shipped to Philippines

Philippines President Rodrigo Duterte has threatened to "go to war" with Canada if the country doesn't take back tons of trash a Canada-based company had shipped to Manila several years ago.
April 24, 2019

China could push ‘Avengers: Endgame’ to a billion-dollar weekend

"Infinity War" nabbed the global box office record last April with a $640 million opening around the world — without China. That won't be the case this time, since "Endgame" is opening in China on Wednesday.
April 24, 2019

Search closes in on missing Japanese F-35

Search efforts may be closing in on the wreckage of a Japanese F-35 stealth fighter that crashed into the Pacific Ocean two weeks ago, perplexing investigators and raising questions about the reliability of world's most-advanced warplane.