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MEPs critical of how Ukraine funds farmers

There is growing concern about how Ukraine is funding its farmers. Critics describe the current subsidy distribution policy as woefully unfair and lacking transparency. “Today, in particular, we are concerned about the distribution of government subsidies in Ukraine for the development of the agricultural sector, being one of the most important industries of Ukrainian economy, the leading … [Read more...]

Kokorev: MEPs seek independent commission to investigate Spanish judicial abuse

Family and friends of Vladimir Kokorev, a Spanish entrepreneur of Russian-Jewish origins, met with MEPs this week to highlight the plight of Kokorev, who in 2015 was arrested and put in pre-trial detention together with his wife Yulia and son Igor on the orders of a Spanish Judge. The Kokorev family spent over 2 years in prison on Canary Islands (Spain) without a trial, a formal indictment, nor … [Read more...]

Arab League meets to discuss Iran ‘violations’

Arab foreign ministers gathered in Cairo on Sunday at Saudi Arabia's request for an extraordinary meeting to discuss alleged "violations" committed by Iran in the region. The Arab League meeting comes as tensions have been rising between long-standing rivals Saudi Arabia and Iran, including over League member Lebanon. Sunni Muslim powerhouse Saudi Arabia and Iran, the predominant Shiite … [Read more...]

Virus Petrovich

Vladimir Yevtushenkov, the head of IT company Sistema, is likely to be responsible for global cyberattack. Computer virus known as Petya struck the world on June 27. It appears that money was not something that the hackers were running after. Most likely, the purpose of the campaign was to hide criminal traces on certain computers. Petya virus is known since 2016. Petya is not a ransomware, … [Read more...]

Panamanian Attorney Puts His Clients In Jail To Take Over Their Properties

According to major Panamian newspaper CRITICA, attorney Ismael Gerli Champsaur would have given false testimony against his clients in Spain in order to take over their properties in Panama. The Kokorev family, Spanish citizens of Russian origins, hired Ismael Gerli, main partner of the firm Gerli&Co, for the purpose of establishing their residence in Panama several years ago. Following Gerli’s … [Read more...]

Shady Panamanian lawyer presents himself in Ukraine as “Honorary Consul” of River-Hutt Principality, trademarks the word “Multicook”

If you live in one of a former republics of USSR you are likely to believe - probably with good reason - that the technology manufactured abroad, in particular in Western Europe or USA, is of far superior quality to that of produced locally. The local manufacturers are aware of their negative image, and have been going to great lengths to disguise their merchandise as western, by labelling … [Read more...]