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Panamanian Attorney Puts His Clients In Jail To Take Over Their Properties

According to major Panamian newspaper CRITICA, attorney Ismael Gerli Champsaur would have given false testimony against his clients in Spain in order to take over their properties in Panama. The Kokorev family, Spanish citizens of Russian origins, hired Ismael Gerli, main partner of the firm Gerli&Co, for the purpose of establishing their residence in Panama several years ago. Following Gerli’s … [Read more...]

Shady Panamanian lawyer presents himself in Ukraine as “Honorary Consul” of River-Hutt Principality, trademarks the word “Multicook”

If you live in one of a former republics of USSR you are likely to believe - probably with good reason - that the technology manufactured abroad, in particular in Western Europe or USA, is of far superior quality to that of produced locally. The local manufacturers are aware of their negative image, and have been going to great lengths to disguise their merchandise as western, by labelling … [Read more...]

Brazil’s Rousseff on fence-mending US visit


Brazil's President Dilma Rousseff met Sunday with investors in New York on the first day of a long-delayed US visit aimed at overcoming strains caused by the NSA spying scandal. Revelations two years ago that the US National Security Agency electronically eavesdropped on Rousseff's email and other communications prompted her to angrily call off an official visit to Washington that had been … [Read more...]

Argentina’s next president: Scioli or Macri?


Argentina's next president will be decided in a run-off election on November 22 between Buenos Aires Governor Daniel Scioli and Buenos Aires Mayor Mauricio Macri. Their titles aren't the only similarities between the two candidates, who both hail from affluent families with Italian roots and are married to former models-turned-fashion entrepreneurs. "The differences between them aren't that … [Read more...]

Corrupt Ukrainian government cooperates with the aggressor country sharing monopoly earnings from the tobacco market


Chief of the Ukrainian Presidential Administration Boris Lozhkin openly supports the Russian tobacco company Megapolis, which monopolized 90 percent of tobacco product sales in Ukraine under former President Viktor Yanukovych, according to the famous American tabloid Examiner. Megapolis under Yanukovych managed to monopolize cigarette sales on the Ukrainian market. The company signed long-term … [Read more...]

At Last! Stock Market Myths

Among the various myths and misconceptions in existence, few match the mystique of stock markets from the eyes of a layman. The stock market and all things associated with it are often seen by many people (who’re vaguely familiar with it at best) as something bearing a huge hidden risk. That’s really not the case. Yes, there is risk, but quite frankly, dealing in the market doesn’t mean you’re … [Read more...]