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Republican lawmakers threaten to jail Colorado teachers if they strike

Colorado teachers are preparing to stage walkouts in favor of higher wages and more education funding later this week, but Republican legislation in the state Senate could penalize them for striking — with far-reaching punishments that include fines and jail time. The measure, SB18-264, would prohibit public school teachers and unions from participating in or organizing a strike. If a strike … [Read more...]

This pro-choice, pro-immigrant Mennonite could be Lancaster’s next member of Congress

LANCASTER, PENNSYLVANIA — Those outside of Pennsylvania’s Amish country may be surprised to hear of Lancastrians gathering to protest the Muslim ban, or standing in solidarity with Charlottesville, or demanding that their congressman hold a town hall on health care, or calling for a Dream Act. But that open-arms, open-door spirit is embedded into the state’s and county’s … [Read more...]

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