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China sends troops to Djibouti, establishes first overseas military base

China has dispatched troops to Djibouti in advance of formally establishing the country's first overseas military base. … [Read more...]

Rare one-horned rhino at risk as Indian flood waters rise

Poachers are seeking to take advantage of widespread monsoon flooding in India's Kaziranga National Park as animals flee in search of higher ground. … [Read more...]

Opinion: Defense wouldn’t shield US from North Korean attack

Judging from the United Nations Security Council's emergency meeting on July 5, it seems that the United States is not going to get China and Russia on board for serious collective UN sanctions against North Korea. US Ambassador Nikki Haley spoke about the United States going alone if that didn't happen, and left it unclear what that might mean. There were surely more discussions during the G20 … [Read more...]

Paris and LA poised to get games

[Read more...]

Tourism and temperatures rise in Antarctica

Two things on the rise in the Antarctic peninsula: temperatures and tourism. … [Read more...]

Amazon’s India strategy: Prime Day

Amazon has a new strategy to win big in India: Prime Day deals and selling food. … [Read more...]

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