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RBS to pay $5.5 billion to settle probe into toxic mortgages

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Top day trips and getaways

Shanghai might be a concrete jungle, but if you're a city-dweller who is fed up with skyscrapers, there are plenty of other ways to spend your time. … [Read more...]

50 reasons why Shanghai is the world’s greatest city

The hardest thing about listing 50 reasons why Shanghai is the greatest city in the world is trimming it down. After a lot of sieving, here's what we're left with. … [Read more...]

Where to find the best qipao tailors

Of all the dresses to have been worn in Shanghai, none can come close to matching the iconic status of the qipao (旗袍). … [Read more...]

The star singing for Somaliland’s recognition

Musical icon Sahra Halgan was one of the many people who fled Somaliland after the brutal Siad Barre regime, which left the self-declared country in ruins. … [Read more...]

Photographer imagines life on the remote ‘Island of the Colorblind’

In Sanne De Wilde's photographs of Pingelap, a tiny coral atoll in the Pacific Ocean, nothing is quite as it seems. Her images depict a tropical paradise where the jungle vegetation is pale pink, the sea is gray and local inhabitants are seen in black and white. … [Read more...]

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