On the trail of a monster across Europe

I'm standing at the square of Plainpalais in Geneva trying to escape the clutches of Frankenstein's monster, my expression one of horror and disgust. … [Read more...]

Refugees face hurdles to American dream

Ahmad dodged bullets in Syria. Bushra received death threats in Iraq. Awino walked a thousand miles to flee civil war in Sudan. … [Read more...]

Has Scotland created greatest road trip ever?

Great road trips are about many things: good company, rocking soundtrack, decent food -- and a set of wheels that may or may not last the journey. … [Read more...]

What will immigration look like?

Britain has lost control of its borders. Immigrants make the economy more prosperous. Public services are overstretched because Europeans are pouring in. Which of these statements are fact or fiction is anybody's guess. … [Read more...]

Woman’s murder provokes protests against U.S. bases

Tens of thousands of people have demanded an end to the United States' military presence on the Japanese island of Okinawa following the killing of a local woman. … [Read more...]

How Olympic tourists can protect their phones

It's witching hour in Rio De Janeiro for Pedro. The sun has slipped below the horizon, emptying the beaches and filling the nearby streets. … [Read more...]

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