September 22, 2018

‘Captain Marvel’ and 12 other new trailers you need to watch from this past week

The House with a Clock in Its Walls launches this week, but should you decide to binge on a new show this weekend, then you need to know Netflix’s Maniac is out. While we don’t usually cover TV series in our trailers roundup, this one stars Emma Stone and Jonah Hill. Just saying. There’s no question that Captain Marvel is the most important trailer released this week, a clip we’ve been waiting to drop for a few weeks now. Captain Marvel is the 21st MCU film, and the first to have a female character as the lead — the Wasp had to share it with Ant-Man. It’s also the movie that will deliver the final pieces of the massive Infinity War sequel puzzle before Avengers 4 drops next year. If that’s not enough for you, we’ve got 12 other trailers for you below.


Coming to Netflix on October 12th, the Apostle flick is a movie about a spooky religious cult and a man’s quest to save his sister.

Beautiful Boy

Amazon, meanwhile, launches a biography drama on the same date, a movie called Beautiful Boy, about a father and his son. It's all based on a pair of memoirs the two wrote. Steve Carell and Timothee Chalamet star in it.

Captain Marvel

We talked about Captain Marvel earlier this week when Marvel released the first trailer. Here’s our first look at Carol Danvers again:

First Man

The brand new trailer for First Man features is narrated by none other than John F. Kennedy. That alone is a good reason to watch the clip below. The film comes out on October 12th.


A criminal returns to Galveston after a job goes sour to prepare his revenge. That's what Galveston is about. The film stars Elle Fanning, Ben Foster, and Lili Reinhart, and it’s set to premiere on October 19th.

Goosebumps 2: Haunted Halloween

Of course, you’re looking for new Halloween movies, aren’t you? Well then, it just so happens that Goosebumps 2: Haunted Halloween launches on October 12, and it just so happens that we have a brand new trailer for you:

If Beale Street Could Talk

If Beale Street Could Talk is a love story between a pregnant woman who’s doing everything she can to prove her fiancé isn’t guilty of a crime and her fiancé, who did not do it. The film hits theaters on November 30th.

Mary Poppins Returns

Disney’s new Mary Poppins, meanwhile, comes just in time for a holiday, with Emily Blunt taking over from Julie Andrews.

Ralph Breaks the Internet

Also a Disney joint is the first Wreck-It Ralph sequel, or Ralph Breaks the Internet as they call it. The film opens on November 21st, featuring mostly the same plot. Sort of. We’re still in the world of video games characters, but everyone’s online.

Stan and Ollie

If you love Stan and Ollie, that’s a good enough reason to watch this “untold story” of the duo. We’ve got Steve Coogan playing Stan, and John C. Reilly playing Oliver. The biography launches on January 11th.

The Girl in the Spider’s Web

Come November 9th, the sequel of The Girl with the Golden Tattoo hits cinemas, with new stars taking the Lisbeth Salander and Mikael Blomkvist — that’s Claire Foy and Sverrir Gudnason, if you were wondering.

The Grinch

Illumination’s next animation doesn’t have any minions in it, but it does feature Benedict Cumberbatch as the Grinch. Resisting the cookie will be very hard come November 9th:

The Oath

Finally, we have a brand new clip for The Oath, a comedy that’s going to get you good and ready for this year’s holiday season. The Oath launches on October 12th, right alongside many of the films above.
September 20, 2018

‘Avengers 4’ directors teased the movie’s title in a photo and fans are in a frenzy

Avengers 4 isn’t due to hit theaters until next year and it’s unlikely Marvel will reveal the film’s title anytime soon. We just saw the first Captain Marvel trailer, so it's likely that much of Marvel's efforts will focus on that hotly anticipated movie for a while. But the Russo brothers, who directed Infinity War and are now working on reshoots for the sequel, posted a mysterious picture on Instagram, practically taunting fans to search for something that almost certainly isn’t necessarily there: The Avengers 4 title. The black and white photo captioned “Look hard…” got nearly 150,000 likes in less than a day, supposedly showing one of the brothers working on a laptop on the set of Avengers 4: The Russo brothers previously trolled the audience with potential titles for Avengers 4, so fans assumed the image might contain clues for the title. As Business Insider reports, some of them quickly figured that some of the objects in the photo might spell out Endgame, which is a potential, albeit unlikely title for the film — the Russos did say that the film’s title isn’t used in Infinity War dialogue. Others went for Avengers Assemble clues: Others saw Beta Ray Bill on the black wall behind them, and some people searched for something different, focusing on the X in the background: It’ll be interesting to see whether the title will be unveiled when the first trailer is released, or if it won't happen until a bit later on down the road. The Russos have said in the past that the title is a spoiler of what’s coming in the next Avengers film, which is why Marvel doesn't want to reveal it too early. We may not know the title for the fourth Avengers film, but we do know that most of the dead characters will return to life and that there’s going to be time travel involved to save them. Avengers 4 is due on May 3rd in the US, and about a week earlier than that in Europe.
September 20, 2018

Pixel 3 and Pixel 3 XL were just listed on an online store

Google will unveil the Pixel 3 series in a few weeks, with press events scheduled for both New York City and Paris, France. While there is a conspiracy theory that suggests Google may unveil a secret Pixel 3 version during the event, that seems highly unlikely. The Pixel 3 and Pixel 3 XL have been featured in a series of leaks with the latter having appeared in plenty of hands-on previews and even full reviews. Earlier this week, we saw a more Pixel 3 images, and now a Chinese retailer has listed the Pixel 3 for preorder. (via AndroidHeadlines) is the store in question, whose Pixel 3 listing features images for both the Pixel 3 and Pixel 3 XL. The price for the smaller Pixel is also mentioned: 4,999 yuan, which converts to $729. That doesn’t mean this is the actual price of the Pixel 3. Even the listing notes the phone isn’t launched yet. What’s interesting about the listing is that it features what seem to be press renders of both the Pixel 3 and Pixel 3 XL. However, no other details about the phones are mentioned, not even specs — and we saw those leak as well. What the images indicate is that both handsets will have dual selfie cameras and that the Pixel 3 XL notch is just as ugly as you expect. On the back of the phone, we still have a single-lens camera on both handsets, as well as a fingerprint sensor. Previous leaks said the phones are made of glass, which means they’ll be the first Google handsets to support wireless charging in years. Google will kick off Pixel 3 preorders soon after that October 9th launch event, and it’s likely the Pixel 3 phones will be available in a bunch of markets in addition to America. That’s probably why Google is hosting a European launch event at the same time with the main press conference in New York.
September 20, 2018

Samsung just launched a phone with a triple-lens camera, and it’s not the Galaxy S10

Samsung on Thursday came out of left field with a phone that’s not a flagship, but which happens to sport a few features unseen on Samsung flagship handsets. The new device isn’t part of the iconic Galaxy S or Note families. Instead, it has a boring name that doesn’t do it justice: The Galaxy A7. Anyone shopping for high-end Android handsets is likely to ignore that product name because it screams mid-range and affordable. The Galaxy A7 is indeed supposed to be a mid-range Android device, although the price hasn’t been shared at this time. The handset features a flat 6-inch Full HD OLED Infinity Display (2220 x 1080 resolution, an unidentified octa-core processor, 4GB/6GB of RAM, 64GB/128GB of Storage, 3,300 mAh battery, and Android 8.0 Oreo. What’s interesting about the handset is that its main feature is a triple-lens camera on the back that’s not available on any Samsung device right now. We’re looking at a 24-megapixel main lens, an 8-megapixel Ultra Wide lens, and a 5-megapixel Depth lens. On the front, there’s a 24-megapixel selfie camera. The main camera is placed near the top left corner, similar to what Apple does with the iPhone X phones. Samsung’s multi-lens cameras are usually found in a central position, both on the Galaxy S and Galaxy Note. What’s also immediately clear is that the Galaxy A7 doesn’t have a rear-facing fingerprint sensor. But the sensor isn’t included into the screen either. That’s because it sits on the side of the phone. The phone will come in four colors, including blue, black, gold and pink, and seems to arrive just in time to take on the colorful iPhone XR. Samsung choice of colors and wallpaper for the press render does look somewhat similar to iPhone XR renders. It’s unclear when it’ll launch, or how much it’ll cost. But the Galaxy A7 does show that Samsung’s DJ Koh meant it when he said a few days ago that Samsung would bring novel features to mid-range phones for a change. "In the past, I brought the new technology and differentiation to the flagship model and then moved to the mid-end. But I have changed my strategy from this year to bring technology and differentiation points starting from the mid-end," Koh told CNBC a few weeks ago after IFA 2018. The Galaxy A7 must be how it all starts.
September 20, 2018

Apple quietly disclosed it now tracks and scores your calls and email habits

Apple has been advocating for unbreakable encryption and total user privacy for years, even if that put it at odds with governments around the world. That’s not just because it gave it an edge on the competition, forcing rivals to also somewhat embrace encryption and better privacy features, but also because Apple seems to genuinely believe that user data and privacy should be defended at all costs. That said, Apple has just confirmed that it can be just as creepy as any tech giant when it comes to spying on users. Sort of. Apple just created added a new provision to the iTunes Store & Privacy policy that tells users that their devices will receive individual scores based on the number of phone calls they make and the emails they send:
To help identify and prevent fraud, information about how you use your device, including the approximate number of phone calls or emails you send and receive, will be used to compute a device trust score when you attempt a purchase. The submissions are designed so Apple cannot learn the real values on your device. The scores are stored for a fixed time on our servers.
How does knowing how many calls I make or emails I send help Apple combat fraud? It’s unclear at this time. Yes, Apple may have explained it in its privacy policy, but the actual process of fighting fraud isn’t really explained. Also, as VentureBeat points out, this new privacy policy applies to Apple TV too, which is hardly the designated device for making calls or emailing. Also, what does Apple do with that score after it calculates it? After all, you’ll never stop making and receiving calls, and the same goes for emails. And how long do those scores stay on Apple’s servers? And say it detects some sort of fraud, will Apple report you to the authorities? Block you from using iOS and tvOS devices? We’ll just have to wait for Apple to explain to the world how this new security feature is supposed to work.
September 19, 2018

iOS 12 just fixed the most annoying thing about the iPhone X

If you’re already an iPhone X user, then you’ve probably stumbled upon what is likely one of the most annoying things about it, the screenshot-taking extravaganza. If you have an iPhone with a home button, you don’t suffer from it, because you’ll hardly take accidental screenshots. But the iPhone X has a different way of taking them, which involves pressing the volume up and standby buttons simultaneously. It turns out that many people press those buttons accidentally while turning on the phone, especially when waking up. That’s because the two buttons are, more or less symmetrical, and, like it or not, you can press both of them from time to time. I don’t suffer from this particular affliction, although I do take the occasional unwanted screenshot. The opposite does happen more often. I turn off the screen rather than taking a screenshot. Getting back to accidental screenshots, the issue is fixed in iOS 12, which means you should experience it less on iPhone X, but also on all the 2018 iPhones, including the iPhone XS and XS Max, and the iPhone XR. That’s because all three of them do not have home buttons, which means they use the same new button combo to take screenshots. iOS 12 now knows not to take a screenshot if the phone is locked and the display is asleep, Business Insider reminds us, a feature that was present in iOS 12 beta all along. That doesn’t mean you’ll stop taking accidental screenshots while holding the phone and actually using it, but your Photos app shouldn’t be flooded with countless random screenshots of the lock screen any longer.
September 19, 2018

Leaked OnePlus 6T image suggests one of the rumors floating around was wrong

We learned quite a few details about the OnePlus 6T over the past few days, including the fact that the phone will sport an in-display fingerprint sensor, that it’ll lack a headphone jack, and that it’ll be available from T-Mobile, the first carrier in the US to ever partner with the Chinese smartphone maker. A new leak now tells us that the phone won’t have three cameras on the back, which is something that had previously been rumored on several occasions. The news comes from WinFuture’s Roland Quandt, who has produced a number of accurate reports about various unreleased Android devices. 

The blogger obtained the following image, which shows the top half of the OnePlus 6T's back. As you can easily see, there’s no triple-lens camera on this device. Previous rumors suggested the phone will get a 3D shooter like the Oppo R17, which features a Time-of-Flight lens on the back, in addition to a regular dual-lens camera setup. The OnePlus 6T will look a lot like the R17, those reports said. 
The R17 features a smaller waterdrop notch on the front, a feature that's also expected on the OnePlus 6T. The image above also reveals there’s no rear-facing fingerprint sensor under the camera module, which is where it was positioned on the OnePlus 6. This is further evidence that the phone will pack an optical fingerprint reader embedded right in the display. WinFuture also notes that the OnePlus 6T should have a 6.41-inch OLED screen with 2340 x 1080 resolution and a 19.5:9 aspect ratio. Otherwise, the phone should have pretty much the same hardware as the OnePlus 6, considering there’s no better chipset available at the moment. The OnePlus 6T should be unveiled at some point in October, although OnePlus has not announced any launch dates for the time being.
September 19, 2018

‘Infinity War’ sets up Tony Stark for a world of hurt in ‘Avengers 4’

Tony Stark and Steve Rogers seem like the most likely Avengers to die come spring when Avengers 4 hits theaters. They’ve been two of the main characters in the Marvel Cinematic Universe for 10 years now, and there’s no better way to pass the baton to the next generation of heroes than to sacrifice their lives for the greater good. We expected Captain America to die at the end of Infinity War, but that didn’t happen. Since then, we’ve had various suggestions that Iron Man will retire from the MCU as well, either willingly or forcefully. Now, a fan theory I missed suggests that Infinity War just foreshadowed a world of hurt for Stark. Soon after Stark meets Doctor Strange in Infinity War, in what’s probably one of the funniest moments of the MCU when it comes to two main characters meeting each other for the first time, the magician makes it clear that his mission is to defend the Time Stone. Strange says that he will not sacrifice the Time Stone to save anyone, and he sticks to that promise right up until the very end. That’s when he chooses to exchange the Time Stone for Stark’s life. Soon after that, people start turning to ash around Stark and Strange, with the latter telling Iron Man that there was no other way. We know that Strange saw 14,000,605 versions of the future, and the Avengers only prevailed in one of them. That’s why he knows that giving up the Time Stone is the only way to win, and fan theories have tried to explain why Doctor Strange did what he did, as well as how he did it. Also, the fact that he knows this is the only way to win and he still turns to dust is proof his death won’t be permanent. As we learned in the Doctor Strange movie, magicians can’t see beyond their own deaths. Reddit user WilliamHolz offered us a sound theory about Doctor Strange’s actions recently. But before that, he had an equally exciting theory that I had missed before about the significance of Strange’s last words to Stark. When Strange tells Stark there was no other way, he also appears to be apologizing to Stark for what's about to happen. Immediately after that, Spider-Man turns to ashes too in an emotional moment for Stark. Peter is the closest thing he has for a son right now, and seeing him die before his eyes must have been excruciating. You know, on top of the physical pain from his fight with Thanos and the realization that, just like in his Age of Ultron Wanda-induced nightmare, Avengers will die around him and he won’t be able to stop it. But Strange, having seen everything that’s about to happen, might not be apologizing for the immediate loss. Instead, Strange knows that Stark will embark on a mission that will force him to deal with further losses, or make tougher decisions, than what we saw in Infinity War so far.
Dr. Strange wasn't apologizing for the damage that was going to be undone. Whatever is in store for Tony is worse than this. […] What sacrifice would be more painful than sacrificing Peter? THIS timeline. There's a lot of layers to this movie...just having Tony sacrifice Peter to get the Soul Stone would be potent if he came back, but that'd be what, another Peter death? It'd certainly be a good reason for Strange to apologize, but I think worse is in store.
Gwyneth Paltrow already let it slip that Pepper Potts and Stark will have a baby in the future. That’s yet to be confirmed in the movie, but Stark knowing that he’s about to be a father will add an extra layer of depth to his character.
September 19, 2018

We finally know exactly how big the iPhone XS Max and iPhone XR batteries are

With every new iPhone release, Apple sticks to the same script. That means it keeps several key specs that may matter to some consumers under wraps. The list includes the actual clock speed of the processor, the amount of RAM, and the exact battery capacity. Of course, every year, we find out these details from leaks preceding the event and from benchmarks, legal documents Apple has to file with regulators, and teardowns. A few days ago, a new set of benchmarks confirmed that the iPhone XS and XS Max pack 4GB of RAM each, while the iPhone XR only has 3GB of RAM under the hood — just what rumors told us. Now, thanks to regulatory documents from China, we know the battery capacities for all three phones. Found by MyDrivers, the legal documents reveal the iPhone XS Max has a 3,174 mAh of capacity, which is slightly bigger than the 2,942 mAh battery in the iPhone XR. The iPhone XS has a 2,658 mAh battery, which is smaller than the 2,716 mAh battery in the iPhone X. Even still, Apple says the phone will offer slightly better battery life than last year's iPhone X. Battery size, of course, doesn’t tell the whole story. From Apple’s site, we already know that the iPhone XR is expected to deliver better battery than the XS models and that both iPhone XS phones last longer than the iPhone X. That’s because all three phones pack more efficient components, like the 7nm A12 Bionic chip. The documents also reveal the A12 Bionic chip clocks in at 2.5GHz, and that the OLED phones have 4GB of RAM, while the LCD model only has 3GB of memory. Teardowns, which will be available later this week when the iPhone XS phones hit stores, will likely confirm all these details, at least for the XS series. The iPhone XR won't be released until the end of next month.
September 19, 2018

Apple Watch Series 4 review roundup: There’s no other smartwatch like it

The brand new Apple Watch nearly stole the show at Apple’s iPhone event last week. The fourth-gen smartwatch looks much sleeker than its predecessors, as Apple managed to increase the display and slightly reduce the thickness. But Apple Watch Series 4, which launches in stores later this week, doesn’t only bring a major design makeover. It also packs a bunch of new health features unseen on any competing device, including an ECG monitor that’s just one touch away. With a few days to go until Apple Watch 4 ships, the first reviews are out and they’re all packed with praise for Apple's new Apple Watch Series 4.


Brian Heater for TechCrunch:
If you’ve used an earlier version with any regularity, on the other other [sic] hand, the increase in surface area is pretty readily apparent, especially when an email notification comes through. It also means app developers can jam in more detail and the Watch’s faces can feature additional complications (a descriptor I suspect makes Apple designers die inside a bit every time they have to utter it).

The Verge The full review is available at this link.


Beth Holzer for Wired:
Apple advised me against trying to trick the watch into thinking I'd fallen, but I couldn't resist. I tried to trigger a false warning by tripping onto a yoga mat, jumping on the bed, and flailing around while attempting to powerlift. No dice.


Charlie Warzel for BuzzFeed:
I’m not an Apple Watch devotee — after a harrowing experience getting lost in the Alps a year ago, I purchased a hulking Garmin multi-sport smartwatch with GPS to ensure I’ll never find myself cold and afraid on the side of a mountain ever again. A long weekend with the Series 4 didn’t convert me from my current monstrosity, which has 12 days of battery life, topographic maps of every inch of the US, and turn-by-turn directions. But the new Apple device’s sleek, compact design and hyper-high-resolution screen did make me feel pangs of shame for the rugged absolute unit of a Garmin that normally rests atop my wrist.

USA Today

Ed Baig for USA Today:
Aside from the new health features, one reason I'm seriously thinking about an upgrade comes with an edge-to-edge display that provides more than 30 percent extra screen real estate, whether you opt for the bigger 44mm case or the 40mm version. On a modest size screen, 30 percent is a lot, and the payoff for consumers comes with larger text and bigger buttons (again, a potential boon for older people). The new watch feels zippier, too; there’s an updated processor. The speaker is considerably louder, as well, a benefit when you’re listening to Siri or communicating via the new Walkie-Talkie app that arrived with watchOS 5. The Walkie-Talkie app – each person presses an onscreen button on their respective watch screens to talk – might come in handy when it is better to convey something by voice rather than text.

The New York Times

Brian Chen for The New York Times:
[The] new Apple Watch is perhaps one of the most significant developments in wearable gadgets in years. People with heart problems can easily use the EKG app to take electrocardiograms whenever they sense something abnormal, without the rigmarole I went through. And the data can be shared immediately with their doctor, which could open a conversation about next steps, like going in for a visit or modifying treatment.

The Sydney Morning Herald

Peter Wells for The Sydney Morning Herald:
Eleven years after the release of the iPhone, Apple’s most important product offers only incremental improvements with each new update. This seems to disappoint pundits, who demand giant leaps in technology with every release. But those wanting year over year drastic improvement need only look at the Apple Watch, which shows no signs of slowing down.


Todd Haselton for CNBC:
The battery life is good, too. Apple advertises 18 hours of use. I took the Apple Watch Series 4 off of the charger on Friday morning. I drove to the beach that evening and realized I'd forgotten my charger. I turned it off Saturday night and still had 16 percent left on Sunday at 3 p.m. I'd worn the Apple Watch all day each day, and even used it to track workouts and make sure I closed all of my rings. That's good enough for me.


Rene Ritchie for iMore:
Now, sure, phones save lives. Tablets. PCs. Helicopters. Ultrasounds. A lot of technology, old and new, medical and general saves live. Absolutely. But Apple Watch is uniquely positioned, literally, to do so in dedicated and persistent ways. And, with Series 4, Apple isn't just doubling down — it's tripling up, improving connectivity, activity, and longevity.

The Independent

David Phelan for The Independent:
There are also advanced visual effects. Since the first Watch with its high-quality animations of jellyfish and flowers, through the additions of Mickey Mouse and Toy Story characters, Apple has made the most of the bright, sharp look to the face. Every previous Watch face is still available, but now there are items like Liquid Metal, which looks like rippling pools of silver or bronze, for instance.