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A-Listed: Are Justin Bieber & Hailey Baldwin Buying Demi Lovato’s Old House?

Welcome to A-Listed, where we take you inside the mansions, shacks, apartments and houses (remember that elementary school game, MASH?) of Hollywood's elite. Okay, fine, so there are probably not going to be too many shacks in the mix. What there will be, however, are hefty price tags, eccentric decor, insane swimming pools, and occasionally, some tabloid-worthy gossip about your favorite celebs.

Perhaps you too have observed that there's a lot going on right now in celeb-land. With both Hollywood newbies and household names trying to one-up each other in everything from baby-having to relationship-ending, it's no surprise the multi-million dollar real estate market is also lighting up. For example: Justin Bieber and Hailey Baldwin are apparently looking to invest in some prime L.A. property, while Bruce Willis and Rosie O'Donnell are selling theirs off. And in Miami, DJ Khaled is takin' over... a sick $25 million mansion, that is.

Demi Lovato's $9 Million Former Home, As Seen By Justin & Hailey

In the wake of the dissolution of Pete Davidson and Ariana Grande's relationship, Justin Bieber and Hailey Baldwin seem primed to take up the mantle of The Internet's Favorite Couple. Perhaps this is why they allowed paparazzi to shoot them checking out Demi Lovato's former mansion in Los Angeles this week. According to People, the lovebirds are considering purchasing the 5,564-square-foot property, which is located "on a quiet road above the Chateau Marmont."

Photo: James Devaney/GC Images.

After overdosing in July and subsequently entering rehab, Lovato chose to put the four-bedroom, six-bathroom mansion up for sale. According to Zillow, the place has an infinity pool, chef's kitchen, bar, walk-in closets, a movie theatre, a terrace, and a gazebo. All of which sounds rather fitting for our now-reigning It Couple.


The yard also, apparently, contains a makeshift tipi. How very... Coachella.


Rosie O'Donnell's $6 Million New Jersey Mansion

Rosie O'Donnell owns a lot of homes, and this year, she's been in the process of selling most of them off, at least according to the New York Post. This particular property was purchased by the comedian in 2013 for $6.375 million, meaning she's likely to take a loss on it.

Photo: Bruce Glikas/FilmMagic.

The home sits on six acres of land and contains six bedrooms and a whopping nine bathrooms, so if you live there, you can totally have eight people over and all pee at the same time, or something. There's also a theatre, guest house, basketball court, art studio, and an ultra-formal dining room.

The decor is surprisingly opulent, especially given O'Donnell's down-to-earth, occasionally brash public persona. Who knew gold accents, chandeliers, and fancy dining rooms were her thing?

Bruce Willis's Woodsy $5.5 Million Idaho Estate

Some hot-dad types have rustic cabins in the woods; Bruce Willis has a 20-acre estate in Idaho. Same diff, really. Except that he recently sold the place to an unnamed buyer for $5.5 million, way down from $15 million he tried to get for it in 2011, and even the $6.5 million he asked in 2016, according to People. Nevertheless, the sale is still the single biggest residential real estate deal the immediate area has ever seen. So there's that.

Photo: Michael Tran/FilmMagic.

We're not sure why Willis wanted rid of this picturesque, tree-filled property, with a main house that spanned over 8,400 square feet and featured six bedrooms and six and a half baths. I mean, sure, it's not Rosie's nine bathrooms, but that's still a lot of people who can pee at once!

If seeing the interior of Rosie O'Donnell's house was surprising, I'd argue this the exact opposite. Like, is this not exactly where you image Bruce Willis spending his time?

Mariska Hargitay's Colorful, $11 Million New York Townhouse

As cozy as Willis's fancy cabin is, the townhouse Mariska Hargitay shares with husband Peter Hermann is the property on this list we most covet. The 7,000 square foot, six story home is a true gem of NYC real estate and is filled with natural light, great art, and pops of color. If we had $10.75 million, we'd totally buy it.

Photo: Roy Rochlin/Getty Images.

We're not sure how to replicate this sumptuous blue staircase in our own lives, but we're very much open to ideas.


More art! More blue! More enviable light fixtures!


DJ Khaled's New $25 Million Miami Mansion

Musician and burgeoning lifestyle influencer DJ Khaled just invested in s0me seriously swanky Miami real estate. Who, you may be wondering, did he buy it from? It was not a fellow celeb or a tech entrepreneur, but Michael Lerner, the dude who popularized the "Baby on Board" signs. Sure, those things are popular (sigh), but do you know how many $3 signs a person would have to sell to afford a place like this? So many! So many Baby on Board signs.

(Eloy Carmenate and Mick Duchon of Douglas Elliman and buyer’s agent Orli Rudolph of NextHome Realty Professionals declined to comment on the sale.)

Photo: John Parra/Getty Images.

The 12,750 square foot estate has five bedrooms, an elevator, a safe room, a two-level gazebo, a home theater, an 80-foot-long swimming pool and a four-bedroom guesthouse. Yeah, that's right, DJ Khaled's guest house sleeps more people than your home. What of it? Also of note: The property contains 10.5 (!!!) bathrooms, putting everyone else on this list to shame.

Look how lovely this room is. Now imagine what it'll look when Khaled gets his Goldition furniture collection in there.

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