April 11, 2019

Newspaper headlines: ‘Dishevelled’ Julian Assange faces justice

Friday's newspaper front pages are dominated by WikiLeaks founder Julian Assange's arrest.
April 11, 2019

Eilidh MacLeod: Memorial to Manchester terror attack teenager

The memorial featuring a female piper will recall terror attack victim Eilidh MacLeod's love of music.
April 11, 2019

Conservatives want a man who compared immigrants to rats to lead DHS

Nineteen leaders of conservative groups sent a letter to President Donald Trump Thursday, urging him to select Ken Cuccinelli to lead the Department of Homeland Security (DHS). Cuccinelli, a former attorney general of Virginia, is a staunch conservative with a significant track record of racist, anti-immigrant rhetoric. “In this time of national crisis and emergency […]
April 11, 2019

Amazon sale gets you a $70 HD camera drone for $42

If you want a very cool camera drone with big features and a tiny price tag, you've definitely come to the right place. The AKASO A21 Mini Quadcopter Camera Drone is worth every penny of its $70 retail price thanks to great features like an HD camera, one-touch takeoff and landing, and an awesome choreography mode that lets you create a flight pattern even with tricks and then replay it with the touch of a button. It's indeed well worth the $70, but use the coupon code 5FFKQXJ6 at checkout and you'll pay just $41.99!

Here are the bullet points from the product page:

  • 720P HD CAMERA FOR LIVE VIDEO: Built-in 720P HD camera to record high quality video or take clear images. Capture your friends and family from aerial view shots and see the world from a new angle.
  • ONE-KEY TAKE-OFF & LANDING: Easy to use and stable, just press one key take off/landing button and the drone will take off to a height of 1.5 meters, and remains stable. When you find the quadcopter out of control or power is low, press this button to landing, the quadcopter will slowly fly to the ground.
  • OPTICAL ALTITUDE HOLD & EASY CONTROL: Optical flow position hold automatically maintains the drone's hover position without need of input from the pilot. Which makes it easy to control the drone. It is a good assistance for kids and novices to taking photo.
  • A GREAT FUNNY GIFT: This little drone is a funny flying toy for kids,adults and novices. You can gift it to your children, friends, classmates and explore the fun of flying in the sky.
  • PACKAGE LISTING: 1*AKASO A21 drone; transmitter; 1*3.7V/550 mAh drone battery; 4*extra propellers; 1*USB charging cable; 1*propeller screwdriver; 1*user manual.
April 11, 2019

Ethnic minorities facing insecure work, says TUC

The TUC says one in 13 ethnic minority workers is either on zero-hours or a temporary work contract.
April 11, 2019

Online grocery shopping growth slowing, says Mintel

Last year saw a fall in the number of people who bought groceries online, say analysts Mintel.
April 11, 2019

SpaceX is going to try to launch its Falcon Heavy yet again – watch it live here

It's been a rough week for the folks at SpaceX. The second-ever launch of the Falcon Heavy rocket was supposed to happen on Sunday, and then again on Tuesday, and yet again on Wednesday. Needless to say, none of those dates fit the bill, with most of the delays related to poor weather conditions. Now, SpaceX is hoping that the fourth time is the charm, and it has another launch window scheduled for today at 6:35 p.m. EST. As before, the launch could take place at any time over a window of about three hours, but if SpaceX does indeed manage to launch its massive rocket today you'll be able to watch it live right here. The YouTube window below will go live shortly before the launch window opens, assuming SpaceX doesn't push it back at the last minute. As usual, the live stream will include commentary from SpaceX staff, along with details about the mission and status of the spacecraft. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=TXMGu2d8c8g SpaceX made headlines early last year with the first-ever launch of the Falcon Heavy, and the successful return of two of its three boosters was a stunning sight. That mission was more of a test than anything else, with head man Elon Musk deciding to send his own Tesla as the rocket's payload. This time around, SpaceX has a paying customer it needs to please. Arabsat needs SpaceX to send its Arabsat-6A communications satellite into Earth orbit, and SpaceX wants to make good on its promise that the Falcon Heavy can fulfill a commercial need. With only one successful Falcon Heavy launch under its belt, SpaceX would rather not have to delay this second flight again, but safety is a top priority. High wind speeds far above the ground were responsible for derailing yesterday's launch, and we won't know for sure whether things are calm enough for a launch until SpaceX makes the call. We'll keep our fingers crossed.
April 11, 2019

You Can Finally Own The Exact Outfit Hannah Montana Wore In Your Fave Episode

A litany of items used on 'Hannah Montana' are going up for auction this May, meaning this may be your chance to own an item Miley Cyrus used in the show.
April 11, 2019

LG trademarks a rollable display because weird smartphones are apparently the future

Time was, it would have seemed utterly bizarre to think a smartphone manufacturer as big and mainstream as Samsung would bring a handset to market with a screen that folds and is targeted toward big spenders. And yet we're about to cross that bridge, with Samsung having announced today that some US customers will be able to reserve the upcoming Galaxy Fold as early as April 12 ahead of its April 26 availability. So keep that in mind when you ponder how weird it sounds that LG, which apparently thinks weird smartphones are the future, is not only working on a few different foldable handsets (including one with a transparent display), but based on newly filed trademarks, it's also working on a rollable display that could be used in future phones. The newly spotted trademarks, which imagine names for the possible device like "The Roll" and the "R Canvas," doesn't come as a complete surprise. LG president and CTO I.P. Park told Tom's Guide earlier this year that the company is indeed working on both rollable and foldable phones. This also follow the introduction earlier this year of LG's rollable TV, the Signature OLED TV. Now, based on the discovery of 10 trademark applications submitted on Wednesday to the European Union Intellectual Property office -- and spotted by Dutch tech news blog LetsGoDigital -- it seems the company could be taking steps towards the introduction of yet another strange new mobile device form factor. The trademark applications fall under the "Class 9" category, with descriptions that are a little on the vague side but indicate these are all related to a smartphone design. For example, as LetsGoDigital's report notes, the description included with all 10 trademark applications makes reference to "displays for smartphones; smartphones; batteries for mobile telecommunications equipment; speakers for smartphones; cameras for smartphones; cell phone cases." Additionally, other names apparently under consideration for such a rollable handset include the Bi-Roll, Double Roll, Dual Roll, E Roll, Signature R, R Screen and Rotolo. A patent for an LG rollable smartphone was published at the end of last year. Rollables, foldables, clear screens -- the future of smartphone manufacturing is definitely starting to look pretty far-out and unlike anything we've seen before.
April 11, 2019

Co-Branded eSports Fan Apparel – OpTic Gaming and Champion Join Forces on an Exclusive eSports Line (TrendHunter.com)

(TrendHunter.com) Professional eSports organization OpTic Gaming is entering a collaboration with Champion Athleticwear to bring an eSports line of apparel to consumers. The partnership is an example of the extension...