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Panamanian Attorney Puts His Clients In Jail To Take Over Their Properties

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According to major Panamian newspaper CRITICA, attorney Ismael Gerli Champsaur would have given false testimony against his clients in Spain in order to take over their properties in Panama.
The Kokorev family, Spanish citizens of Russian origins, hired Ismael Gerli, main partner of the firm Gerli&Co, for the purpose of establishing their residence in Panama several years ago. Following Gerli’s counsel, they made investments in real estate properties in the city of Panama, owned – once again per Gerli’s advice – by limited liability companies, which he incorporated and managed.
In summer 2015, while Kokorev family resided in Panama, Ismael Gerli travelled to Spain, where he accused his clients of money laundering and other illegal activities before a local prosecutor. Then Gerli returned to Panama, and actively collaborated in the arrest and extradition of the whole family – father, mother and son – to Spain.
While his former clients were under arrest on the charges fabricated by the Panamanian attorney, and obviously without their knowledge, Gerli presided and certified dozens of shareholder meetings, share certificates, proxies and other documents of the Kokorev’s companies, enabling him their sole control. Between the months of September and October 2015, Gerli finally transferred all the underlying properties, valued at approximately 2 million USD, onto his own name.
Gerli is facing a number of criminal cases, including embezzlement, forgery of public documents and fraud in Panama, while the Kokorev family still remains under arrest in Spain.